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Like the lava that dwells beneath the Halema'uma'u Crater Overlook, the Tom Marcellis Band is fiery  and authentic.  This uniquely accessible improvisational music engages audiences with a narrative style of rock steeped in the eclectic musical heritage of the south. 

At the core of Tom’s song writing beats the heart of traditional blues, jazz, bluegrass and other American music adeptly integrated with global cultural styles.   Says Tom, “Sometimes the subject matter dictates the arrangement while other compositions exist long before the lyrics arrive.  Dog Song developed from a story my uncle told.  He used to raise beagles.  The music just played in my head like a score while he spoke.”

As a teenager Tom frequented the bluegrass festivals around the south, the Mountain Opry on Lookout Mountain, and many other jam sessions around Chattanooga. He also worked in local bands playing mostly blues, country and rock. While studying music in college, Tom performed at area jazz clubs, and played in jazz fusion bands. His unique voice as an instrumentalist began to gel. As a young adult he started writing songs while playing in original improv based bands. Soon after that Marcellis began to tour, mostly in the southeast, playing venues, clubs, theaters, colleges. festivals and opening for acts like Allgood Music Company, Widespread Panic, Col Bruce Hampton, Blues Traveler, Indecision, The Black Crows, Bo Didley, Buckweat Zydeco, The Kudzu Kings, The Charlie Daniels Band, Blood Sweat and Tears, Sam Carr and Frank Frost etc...   These experiences kiln fired his skills as a guitarist, and performer.

With the release of his latest self titled CD,  unforgettable hooks like “Roll”, “Peaches” and “Hole In My Head” made it to the studio.  While “You Call Me a Fool” laments the woes of tormented love with a juicy funk/R&B groove that transforms into hard driving rock and ventures completely outside, The unmitigated optimism of “New Day” is fueled by a spacious Brazilian jazz theme.  “Stairway to Mars”, an account of alien abduction, begins as a chilling specter of the Mississippi Delta igniting into a thick southern jam.  Full of vibrant tone and rich poly rhythmic texture, these are visceral spontaneous recordings of a band determined to capture it’s sound.  Tom recalls “My intention was to document the band’s live vibe  for that period. The tricky part is allowing the project to tell you when it’s done.”

Combining form and formless the Tom Marcellis Band invites the audience in and leaves them breathless with ear-to-ear smiles all around.  With the outstanding rhythm section of Drummer Garrett Foster and bass player Davod Bynoe  they create grooves so deep, smooth and fun to ride you will never want to stop.  Rounding out the line up Tom is frequently joined by such inspirational talents as award winning flutist Kat Epple, mandolinist Ryan Clark and others.

Experimentation within arrangements as well as with composition itself connects the audience and performers to the music in a fundamentally organic way.  His powerful and gentle style is instantly recognizable.   Through touring combined with the release of his latest CD in 2006 the music is attracting loyal fans everywhere.  In 2010 the band is headed into the studio again and there is another tour in the works.  These shows are a spiritually uplifting experience that should not be missed.